• “Just wanted to thank you for today’s session, Karen. What you explained to me in regards to my ex-wife capacity for normal emotional response, quantified something I felt and made it something I understood. You enabled me to give reason to the unreasonable and in doing so allowed me to let go of a lot of anger and resentment I’ve been clinging to for a long time. Thank you” –  Luke, Sydney NSW.

    • “I feel I have turned a major corner since seeing you and feeling great. Being sad I didn’t feel I could do anything, being a bit lonely I can. Such a relief to talk to someone about ‘XXX’ that actually understands and could give me strategies. I don’t feel powerless anymore. onward and upward. Thanks so much” – Joanne …, Gosford, NSW
    • “I was in my second marriage and really anted it to work. Things started going wrong and we were fighting. I found OMG book and after reading found some simple changes made all the difference. I understand more about language patterns and my husband also read it. We speak differently and have respired our relationship. Highly recommend.” – Angela – Melbourne, Vic


    • “I was planning my wedding and found the stress of this a little overwhelming. I was really having second thoughts. After reading the information on the book I discovered answers to my fears. Fabulous read, highly recommend to all brides”. Lisa – Central Coast, NSW
    • “I bought my daughter this book OMG because I wanted to make sure her relationship lasted better than mine did with her dad’s. The book was great, wish I had all this information before my marriage ended. So much great info about all the things that do come up when you get married. I feel more confident my daughter is better prepared now than I was.”  Margaret – Newcastle, NSW


    • “I can highly recommend this parenting book to every parent. My house was a mess, I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. After reading the book I have direction, confidence and now the ability to parent strongly with great boundary setting that works so easily”. Julie – Melbourne, Australia “I love it, so great. It was so easy to read and understand. My kids are happier, my husband and I are happier. So grateful, thank you”. Amanda – Muswellbrook, NSW


    • “It is so nice to read a book about parenting, written by a parent who knows and understands all the emotions and problems we experience. The tips are easy to follow and work incredibly well. Great book, highly recommended”. Lisa – Sydney NSW
    • “As a first time mum with an overactive 3 year old, I was lost. My son’s behaviour was exhausting. I was fighting with my little boy every day. After reading all the advise my home is now a much quieter and happier place and I feel like I have some parent power back. I recommend this book to every parent”. Natasha Adams – Newcastle, NSW
    • “I bought this when my life was crazy, my 3 kids were actually running my house. Since reading this book, my house has changed. I no longer yell at the kids to do things, I no longer get frustrated as the children know their boundaries and I love the use of choices” Andrew – Aukland, NZ


    • “I am a preschool teacher and bought the book to try to control some of the behaviours we were experiencing at the preschool. I love it, it works so easily, there are no more arguments with the kids, the rooms are quieter and the way we all speak to the kids has changed. I have recommended the book to many of our parents” Janine – Gosford, NSW
    • “Oh my god, this is my new bible. It is brilliant, you must buy it if you are a parent, it needs to be mandatory for every parent. Buy it!!” Melissa – California, USA
    • “I wanted a book for dad’s and found this one. It is fantastic, written for both parents. My husband and I are both on the same page now and he actually read it all and loved it too. It’s the first book he fully read about parenting. We loved the parts on language and communication. Highly recommend it all parents out there” Jenny and Liam – Adelaide, SA