Divorce after turning 50

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While numbers of divorce are high, the divorce rate for over 50 continues to increase. Divorce later in life is different than in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. You have known this person for over half of your life, have set up home, assets, family, maybe even set up a business to Divorce after 50. You have a considerable history together and most all friends are yours together. Memories and experiences have been shared with […]

Life after Death – of your relationship

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What happens when the Life of our relationship dies? While I work tirelessly to enable couples to reconnect their relationship and spend quality happy years in love, there are some couples who simply should not remain together or where one person has decided to call it quits. How then do we move on with life after death of your relationship? When the decision finally comes to separate away from the relationship, how do we do this? […]

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