Parents should stop smacking children and learn better ways to deal with behaviours.

There is always much debate how we can work at stop smacking children. While I never believe that smacking a child teaches them better behaviour I question the reason so many parents continue to do this to their beautiful little child. Children are only learning how to be a person in this life and this is created by guidance and modelling. Parents should provide a safe loving environment for their child, not raise them with aggression or fear.

Smacking a Child is Never Correct

A mature adult should be able to find a better way to guide and direct a child’s behaviour instead of lashing out as a reaction to something. It is the behaviour we do not like, not the child however smacking a child causes the child pain and fear.

Perhaps if parents started to guide their behaviours by demonstrating the behaviour they wanted, children would emulate. By lashing out physically only teaches a child if you are angry, you become aggressive, and we see far too much of this in our world.

Aggression can be reduced significantly and it should start at home. Instead of parents telling a child to stop something, try advising them clearly what it is we want them to do and how to do it.

Modelling behaviour is how a child learns to act in a variety of situations, their boundaries and requirements expected. It is unfair to expect a child to know how to respond in different situations or circumstances if they have not learned this. Naturally the learning is ongoing. When a child does act or behave in a way that is not appropriate, instead of smacking them ensure they know the expectation of what they should be doing or how they should respond.Children need to learn, they are yet to know everything we may expect.

If our child acts out with aggression or hurts another child and we smack them telling them they should not hit another child, confusion reigns, the child become distressed and further escalation of behaviours is seen. This is not their fault.

A child is not born angry or aggressive, they learn these behaviours and often at home. Look at yourself first parents and if you are complaining your child is acting like you, then adjust your behaviour first.

It is exciting to see how we can change the behaviour of our child if we begin modelling differently.

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