A recent study from the University of California is saying that people who are single have more happiness and lead more fulfilling lives.

It goes on to say that marriage is an expected Society requirement, and we are pressured to marry rather than remaining single, it is stereotyping us. This is also saying it is unwise even to live in a committed relationship. It apparently is telling people to stay single and alone without a partner.

This goes against all other research that indicates married, or partnered people, are healthier, happier and live longer. I wonder if the person conducting this ‘research’ had recently come out of a relationship collapse?

Humans are designed to share their life with a special partner. We have done this forever and will continue to do so.

What is the reason most of us feel the desire, need and want to marry or be in a committed relationship?

  • We get to share everything with the person we have chosen to be with
  • Usually better off financially with two incomes rather than one
  • Have children with a partner who hopefully remains committed to our family
  • Opens up our family and friend circle
  • Supports us
  • Shares our dreams, fears, excitement and desires
  • Have regular sex
  • Experiences travelling to new destinations with us
  • Spoils us during birthdays, celebrations and special days

And the list goes on. Sure the ‘research’ says people who remain single are more work focused but of course they are. This becomes their life; their effort is all focused on this.

Of course, marriage and commitment is not for everyone but to make the blanket comment that it is better to remain single rather than share your life with someone special, goes against every natural human trait.

Not everyone finds happiness in their current relationship. We also don’t always find it in our family, our job, our chosen career path either. This does not mean we just give up, it simply means we have not  found it yet.

I feel a little sorry for those involved in this ‘research’ as it seems most have either been hurt from a relationship or given up finding happiness with someone. I am sure everyone would agree that finding your special person to love, share and commit to is the most fulfilling, exciting happiness anyone could obtain.

If your relationship is not fulfilling you and is not happy, of course, you must take steps to improve it or decide to move apart. This is a conscious choice and hopefully made after therapy sessions fail to reignite the passion and love. What we find however is most people recovering from an unsuccessful relationship go on to seek another committed relationship or marriage. The reason for this is they accept they made an incorrect choice but they still are driven toward that feeling of commitment, love and sharing with another.

Marriage and commitment in a relationship is what most all people want and need. While not everyone is fortunate to find this love, those of us that do celebrate the happiness, commitment and love.

Search to find that fulfilling love. It is so worth it when you do.

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