Is Relationship Intelligence Important?

Do we need a person who has a similar degree of intelligence as we have? Should we seek a partner who can speak and discuss a range of topics, not just sport or politics, fashion or kids, we both need to interested and be able to discuss a range of different things.

So is Relationship Intelligence Important? Yes,  but intelligence is not book smart; intelligence in a relationship is about understanding what your partner needs and what your relationship needs, so Yes, it is important. Having a partner we can discuss a wide range of topics with is very important.

They don’t have to know about the depth of things we do however if you are passionate about something our partner certainly should develop an interest in it. It is  essential for a healthy relationship to  be able to discuss things that are topical and current.

You do not want a man to sit in front of the television, watch sports and not be able to speak to you about anything except the players, coach or game statistics. Just as you do not want your female partner to only be able to discuss the latest Bachelor TV show segments, fashion or soapy story on television. Yes this is a terrible stereotype but one which does fit many genders.

The range of conversations you both have must be broad otherwise discussions will run out quickly and silence will invade. Both partners need the capability to broaden their knowledge and interests in a range and variety of subjects. Does your partner display interest in those things that interest you or the things you are involved in or passionate about? Maybe you both can find something completely new to be involved in together, a common interest, as this is a great way to keep communication flowing.

You may want to start a photography course or a cooking course together. Are both partners willing to do this with each other, to grow together, to experience different things together? While it is great to have and enjoy our own interests and activities, it is equally important to ensure you both have common interests and things to discuss. This always makes for a happier unit and partnership.

Why not download a free checklist that has many suggestions about what you may still need to discover about your partner or find out about them. When we meet someone we spend time to get to know them. As our relationship progresses we believe they stay the same person. This is not normally the case. We all continue to evolve as people therefore we need to spend the time getting to know this person we claim we know so well – but do we?

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