One question you should never need to ask – is Immunisation essential?

The debate about should I or shouldn’t I vaccinate my children has again surfaced. I wonder why. Why is the one question we should never need to ask about Immunisation? With the exhaustive amount of proof and research demonstrating the benefits of immunisation against the virtually no negative I continue to question – why do loving parents refuse to vaccinate? – they don’t. The governments new ruling to withhold family tax benefits will hurt very few non vaccinating parents. It is reported that the majority of parents electing to non vaccinate are inner city, higher money earning parents. I am not sure if they bothered to read the enormous amount of research about the benefits or have they simply been onto Dr Google and read the story or three about the ridiculous notion of vaccinations causing autism, which has been proven as complete rubbish. I spoke to some parents recently who either refused to vaccinate or were unsure if they should. I asked two questions that I would ask any parent 1. If I gave you $10 million dollars to vaccinate your child, $10 million dollars to you right now, to keep, and do what you wanted, would you vaccinate ? 2. If I gave you $10 million dollars to sell your child to a sex slave industry, would you? The overwhelming response was Yes to Q1 and No to Q2. This then leaves the question – if you are willing to consider money to vaccinate why then are you willing to risk the life of your child from preventable disease? Would you really  elect to risk your child contracting whooping cough or polio? Many years ago I work for Federal Health in the section where families would get vaccinations to travel overseas to avoid cholera, small pox and typhoid. Some of these families would not have their children vaccinated against childhood diseases but chose to vaccinate against diseases outside Australia.  What was interesting was one doctor  challenged parents as to why they would vaccinate for smallpox, cholera or typhoid but not for whooping couch, polio, tetanus? Interesting question and I do know parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against diseases yet provide drugs when they travel to offshore lands. I wonder why. It seems like it is a trend to say no to vaccinate. So therefore it must be trendy to elect to place your child at risk of death. This is neither responsible or loving parenting I’m sorry.  Vaccinate your child to protect their life, to enable them to grow into a healthy adult without the risk of disease. Disease can be avoided and vaccinations have been used for many decades, and most all of us are perfectly healthy and still well alive, what is the reason parents elective to choose to risk their children’s lives?? The reduction in disease since immunisations meningococcal whooping

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