Should we be use to it, should we continue to be shocked? More of these horrific attacks occurring around our world affecting blameless people and far too many innocent children.

Today’s London horror has shocked us all. The fact is; terrorism is here, it seems it will remain. What can we do when we consider where to go, what to attend or what to participate in?

We stand strong; we walk forward, we refuse to forfeit our lifestyle because of terror threats or events. These uneducated, stupid and horrific individuals are not part of our human race. They fail the humanity test by their appalling behaviour, choosing to hurt or kill so many innocent human beings who are only enjoying their daily life, not hurting or infringing on anyone. Children being affected either directly or through the loss of a parent or family member. The effect on normal, caring, everyday people is disgraceful, yet their target.

We remain confused as to the reason these hatred filled individuals want to hurt and destroy anyone who holds a belief different to them. They fail to understand we all have a right to believe in our own God, universe or higher power. No one has the right to insist on another changing their internal belief just because ‘I believe’ mine is correct.

How can we live free and happy with this cloud floating around us?

We do live in a beautiful world. Our world is filled with fresh new wonders, enjoyment and magnificent nature to behold and enjoy. Embrace what we see around us, the joys we can share, those we share it with.

We look forward to better days ahead. We are thankful for every day we can live, enjoy and share with those we love and care for most. Perhaps we let go of those trivial matters that once bothered us and now seem so insignificant because they are.

We band together as a strong, resilient, committed group of kind, thoughtful and loving people and society. The greater our devotion to good, to others and the progressive growth of our community and world, the less affect we feel, the weaker that adversary becomes.

Look for the good, the kind, the generous and humanity that continues to be all around us. Live with love, laughter and commitment to your family, your children, your partner, yourself. Being filled with love, tenderness and kindness in all we do allow us to reinforce and develop the strength we all need and have to live forward instead of looking back.

Face any consequence or event if and when it may occur. Never presume a catastrophe as it sends us backwards into a stuck state of helplessness and sadness, exactly where these horrid terrorists want us to be. Walk forward proud and strong, live a wonderful life with those who you love. Share the joys this beautiful world offers. Enjoy every day of the life afforded to you with a smile and gratitude. Hug those you care for, enjoy the laughter and memories with those you treasure; these can never be taken from you.

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