Is staying in touch with your ex is alright?

The issue some partners have is remaining in touch with an old flame or previous partner. Many people remain in touch with their ex as you shared so much with this person and you may have many common friends. While this is fine, it may not be for your current partner and sometimes this issue isn’t raised for quite some time after you have been together. It can be a real issue if you want to invite them to your wedding. So is staying in touch with your ex alright? Unless you share a child together is there really any reason to stay connected to your ex partner? Sure you may have shared common friends in the past but perhaps it is time to move on now. If your current partner starts to feel uncomfortable with this ex partner you may now call a friend, then it is time to discuss the matter. If your partner is adamant that they are not comfortable having this person around due to your history, then you need to listen to this request.

While there is no right or wrong answer to this, the fact is you have chosen to spend  your time or even your  life with your wonderful and amazing new partner and you surely do not want them to feel uncomfortable around anyone. What I suggest is a frank and open discussion. Allow your new partner to tell you why they may not like this person around, you may be surprised as to their reasons. Listen, reflect and discuss this. Examine your reasons for wanting them to be around you. If you really do not want them moving on and your current partner is very uncomfortable, then reassess you should, otherwise you may both become hurt and perhaps hostile. There is usually a reason to keep your ex in our life, it may be a matter of not yet being able to break that bond. It could be you have moved on too quickly and not processed the relationship end. Whatever the reason is, it can remain a problem.
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