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How To Improve Your Mental Health For 2018

Mental health has been the topic on everyone’s lips this year and we hope the trend continues into 2018. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical well being. Here’s how experts advise you can improve your mental health for the New Year.

Katinda Ndola | Confidence And Self Esteem

On reducing stress:
Meditation and physical exercises every day help release stress-busting endorphins into your brain. Setting a me time goal every day, doing something you love, spending time with people you care and love for and helping others do the things that inspire them to achieve their greatness. Ask for help when stuck.

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Playtime is essential when we are kids but it gets lost somewhere as we mature. Unstructured adult play can relieve stress, increase learning and make you feel more productive after such a joyous activity. Hang out with your own kids or in the nephew’s sandpit and follow their lead on how to engage in playtime. Don’t have any kids in the family? Other activities like jigsaw puzzles and colouring-in can awaken your inner child.

On positive awareness:
“Actively being present and focussing on this very moment, that’s happening right here, right now, will divert your attention away from worry about the future or dwelling on the past. With consistent practice, this simple mindfulness tool can yield favourable results.

Ever had a friend buy a yellow Herbie and then you suddenly start seeing yellow Herbie’s everywhere? You have?! Right, this is because yellow Herbies were brought up to your level of awareness. In exactly the same way, if we focus on a negative event, other negative events can also bubble up into our awareness. When we give that attention, then even more negative things can rise up into our awareness. Flip this by proactively looking for good things that are going on around you. When you find a positive thing, focussing on it can make your mind more receptive to focus on other positive things and bring them into awareness. A simple way to do this, is to set a timer for 2 minutes and say out loud all of the things that you are grateful or thankful for or all the positive things going on around you. If you get stuck, keep it super simple with things like “I’m thankful for my morning coffee!” “I’m thankful for the petrol in my car” “I’m thankful for the hot water in the shower this morning” “I’m thankful for the text I received from my sister”. Daily practice can be beneficial. Remember, this can be your year but nothing will change if you change nothing.”

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Having good relationships with friends, family and significant others go a long way to improving your emotional wellbeing. Focus on building up friendships that may have slipped or checking in with family. A quick phone call to mum or inviting a friend around for tea in your outdoor lounge area are simple yet effective ways to give yourself a positive energy boost on a low mood day.

Dr. Karen Phillip | Dr. Karen Phillip

On setting goals:
“Start the New Year being Mindful. This means take time to recognise where you currently are, what you are presently doing and where you want to go. Then it is imperative to set your goal of what you want to achieve and set the achievable steps to get there.”

Many of us set goals, great goals, we, however, often forget to set the steps we need to actually achieve that goal. Have you ever set a determined goal, thought about it, wished for it yet never actually got there? A goal without a plan or defined steps remains only a wish.

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