What Everyone Should Know… About How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick! The New Year is the time we reassess our position and make a committed effort to change or improve ourselves or life. Early in the new year is the time when we can look at past issues and decide we will no longer tolerate the same behaviours of others or even ourselves. The New Year is a perfect time to start new behaviours and make those decisions that will work for us in much better ways. We may have a habit or behaviour that no longer serves us or we may have a person in our lives that is becoming difficult or even a job we hate and need a change. Whatever the New Year leads you toward, the best time to make those decisions is at the commencement of the New Year.  Sadly however, research shows that most New Year’s Resolutions are discarded by February. So what can people do to have their 2015 New Year’s resolution stick?  If we decide what it is we want, set the right steps to reach the goal and involve friends or family to keep us accountable, we can usually fulfil our desired outcome. It is one thing to know what you want to do but another thing to know how to do it. Setting individual and definitive steps is imperative to reach any goal and this is what is often missed by people, they set a great goal without these individual steps to achieve it. How do we go about setting these new standards, behaviours or habits so that they last beyond February? Analyse what it is you want to change and set a time frame to achieve it

  1. Write down your goal or NY resolution and put it in a public place (fridge, office cubicle, etc)
  2. Determine what you need to fulfil the goal and exactly what steps you will take
  3. Involve those around you for their comments, thoughts and to keep you accountable
  4. Focus on the end result and imagine it as achieved

Good luck, now you should have a great chance to stick with it and make your goal a reality.

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