We all know about them, some of us even use them, but did you know you can utilise opportunities to fly free using credit card offers that will benefit you?

Many credit cards offer substantial Free flybuy points when you get their credit card. We obtained an AMEX card a few months back when my son had a Columbia trip to represent Australia in World Flying Disc championships. The offer was 75,000 points when you purchased $2,500 on the card within 3 months, Not hard to do.

My son, myself, and hubby all got a card, obtained points, spent only on the card all fuel, food, gifts, restaurant meals, hairdresser costs, rates, insurances, you name it, we used that card for everything. Didn’t take that long to clock up $2,500 over 3 months. We then were rewarded with 75,000 points – each. He was able to fly return to Columbia on points. We then cancelled the cards and are about to do it again for another trip. There was no annual fee as we didn’t keep the card for a year.

There are a few great deals currently for consumers who wish to travel using points

AMEX Explorer – offering 50,000 Frequent Flyer (FF) points with minimum spend of $1,500 – plus 2 pts per $ spent plus $400 travel credit toward flights, hotels and car hire plus 2 entries into AMEX airline lounge with 1.5 points per $1 spent

HSBC Platinum offering 60,000 FF points with minimum spend of $3,000  with 1 point per $1 spent

Westpac Altitude offering 80,000 FF points with minimum $5,000 spent Plus 2 passes to VIP airport lounges with 1 point per $1 spent

AMEX Velocity offering 100,000 points with minimum spend of $1,500 but annual fee $375 with 1 point per $1 spent

Therefore to travel return, the points you need (plus local taxes) are:

Sydney to Brisbane 16,000 points

Sydney to Bali 45,000 points

Los Angeles 90,000

Sydney to London 120,000

Sydney to New York 120,000

You can also fly Business for double points


Consumers should be aware it is best to pay off the card completely within 1 – 3 months or not use card until it is cleared. This helps to avoid escalating debt. Many benefits for consumers once you can find the deals. Deals change regularly.

There are many benefits for consumers once you can find the deals. Deals change regularly. Get your card, spend what you normally spend and enjoy the rewards to travel for Free.

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