While we want to spoil our children and give them what they want, spare a thought for the time of year it is. Giving is a major part of Christmas while obviously, the other part is indulgence.

What if we balanced the two. Spoil yourself and your family of course and consider purchasing an item, game or toy for those less fortunate so that may also receive come indulgence. Help the children select an item or two, drop it off at the local charity shop or store and demonstrate to your children all sides of Christmas, the real meaning.

Giving is an equal part of receiving. This also teaches our children a lot about life, Christmas and giving back to others less fortunate. Perhaps they can do some jobs around the home to raise the money to purchase another child something special for their Christmas. This way they have put in an effort for someone else, that someone else they will never meet or even be thanked for. It is in this spirit of giving such valuable lessons can be learned.

This is the perfect week before Christmas to step up and be kind, thoughtful and giving to others who may not be as fortunate as you are.

Article I wrote from Angela Mollard, New Idea.

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