With Mother’s Day approaching I wonder why we only spoil mum on that one day, why not spoil her every day? Give mum a gift to last an entire year.

Why do we make a great fuss and spoil mum with gifts, do the dishes, have her sit back and even relax for a little while just on Mother’s Day?  This one day when we all step up and do the things at home that she always does. It’s lovely when we all pitch in and do things for mum on Mother’s Day but again, are we really happy for mum to work for all of us relentlessly for the next 364 days?

Every mum is amazing. They work tirelessly for each of us 24/7. Mum’s place themselves second or third to everyone and consider them self after us all. Mum’s do so much for everyone in the family. She keeps plodding along caring for dad, kids, animals, the home and all the while she takes a back seat.

Who helps mum? Surely it is the responsibility of every family member to be an active family member, to learn skills and prepare to be an independent adult in years to come. This is what a parents job is, to prepare their children for their adult life and what a brilliant way to do it. Teaching them the skills to be an active member of the family. To develop skills needed for their life ahead.

Attached is an eBooklet to ensure this year’s Mother’s Day will last all year. It helps you learn how the division of household jobs can be distributed fairly so mum is no longer the family slave but instead, a respected active individual member of the family doing some, but not all,  jobs within the family home.

This gift is designed for Dad to step up and take charge. To involve the kids, to be active and integral members of the family unit by sharing and doing. When there is balance within the family, the family unit works better and all members are happier.

Get your Mothers Day Gift Free Booklet and learn how to make this Mother’s Day the very best ever and one that will last all year. Not only that, she will also get her own relaxation audio session to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Just click the link and download your copy. There are a couple of blank pages at the end of the booklet you can use to formulate your own helpful gift for mum. Read the eBook to discover more.

Click above or here to get your year long Mothers Day Gift

Story also run in The Carousel Magazine

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