Losing our Identity like Grant Hackett

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The recent tragic story of our superstar swimmer Grant Hackett pushes us to realise the difficulty so many people experience when life changes. While most of us are not Olympic athletes trying to reclaim a new identity and purpose in life, so many of us suffer from identity loss if we lose our job, are made retrenched or even retire. Human beings need a purpose, and this is different to a goal. A goal is […]

Arranging Finances after Separation

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Once you and your partner have made that decision to separate there are a few first priorities you need to do. These often involves your money and finances. The finances are what takes the largest hit and causes the biggest threat and escalates conflict. If you can make an effort to discuss this issue logically to avoid the emotional amplification you are both better off. Arranging Finances after separation is necessary to ensure your survival. […]

Ringtone defeats child

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Have we become so in-tuned to our phone ring and bing, it defeats our child’s plea for attention? There was a recent story on mobile phones being banned from use in a USA Daycare centre when parents are collecting their child. The outrage this caused was extraordinary. Should we ban phones from being taken into childcare centres when parents pickup their child? The reason given was the staff felt the children were often being ignored by […]

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