Should your marriage or relationship be based on looks?

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While we are often attracted to the person’s outside appearance when we meet, does this slowly dissolve into loving what they have on the inside only? Does it remain relevant to want an attractive body to love? Time is often not kind to our bodies. Gravity takes over, skin becomes looser; children scars are noticeable, weight often increases and hair can disappear into baldness. Sure we can whinge and whine about what we use to […]


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Dubbed Australia’s Lifestyle Doctor, Dr Karen Phillip is gearing up for a tour of several DYMOCKS stores to share her invaluable advice and help people build stronger relationships.   As well as being a regular on Channel 9’s TODAY show and Radio 2GB, Dr Karen is a leading relationship expert, media commentator and professional Counselling Psychotherapist. Karen has a wealth of experience, both as a counsellor to thousands of couples, and from her personal life, […]

When and How to Talk to kids about Sex?

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  Many parents struggle with this question. When do we bring it up, what age is appropriate, how do I not damage my child by giving them this intimate information? Learning about the body and then sex, is a normal part of learning. It is usually the parent that has the issue with this, not the child. How then do we address this to ensure our child is correctly informed; how old is old enough? […]