Stop Interrupting Me!

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I was asked to write about how parents can stop their child interrupting them. I consulted on this for Essential Child. It is often a daily occurrence that can drive parents crazy. Please have a read and follow the easy steps to get the outcome you want, and have your child wait… While being interrupted is a part of life when your children are little, there comes a time when they can learn better habits. “Children from […]

Should grandparents be paid to look after their grandchildren?

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I have done a few interviews this past week regarding Grandparents babysitting their grandchildren and the strain it can place upon them. I have attached an article below from Seniors Magazine reflecting this. Yes there are times parents need the Grandparents to assist them out with childcare however when did the responsibility leave the parent to care for their own children. When we decide to become a parent we must accept the change this means […]

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