The Need to Touch

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We have a Need to Touch, it is essential and is wonderful for everyone, especially our kids.

Being touched increases the health of our immune system. It also increases our Serotonin levels which as the body’s natural antidepressant and releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone we all love.

Most all of us love the cuddle and hug, it makes us feel better. When feeling distressed or overwhelmed, a hug can dissolve the fear and hurt, allow us to feel connected and empathy is shared. We feel the other person gets how we feel and this is comforting to us.

Research has found that the brain of 2 – 3 year olds is considerably developed for a child who is cared for, interacted with and cuddled compared to a child missing these basic needs. The child’s brain develops larger and faster. Further, there is suggestion kids are getting more aggressive because there is less and less touch. Cuddles and hugs of children help to develop their social ability and allows them to learn how to empathize. It keeps them more balanced and happy.

Cuddles and healthy touch is essential for development of children and emotional health of us all. The more healthy touch we feel, the more cuddles we receive, the happier we feel. There is less anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol abuse and less violent tendency.

We are finding that our kids are lacking the healthy touch and cuddles we once received. Teachers, doctors, coaches are all now fearful of touching, hugging or comforting a child. This has regrettably become a fact due to the poor behaviour of certain individuals in our society.

Currently there is concern in paediatric circles that issues such as irritable bowel and fibromyalgia, previously common only in adults, are being displayed by children. The researchers believe this is connected to the lower level of touch and cuddles many of our children do not receive .

To ensure you and your kids and family develop to their optimum, feel secure and understood, spend a few minutes through the day to stop and give them a hug or cuddle. Each morning, when off to school, arriving home, in-between activities, of an evening or when reading a book all adds to their brain development. Let’s not stop there. Let us play with our kids, tickle them, be active with them as all of this is greatly beneficial for their advancement into a well-adjusted, mature individual

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