Study reveals most Unfaithful Star Sign

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Recent Study Reveals the Star Sign Most Likely to Cheat

A qualitative study of more than two million members of dating websites was conducted by Gleeden, a site specialising in extramarital affairs, to determine which zodiac signs were more likely to cheat on their partner.

They indicated Sagittarius rates with the highest reports of infidelity from all zodiac signs. This was followed closely by Gemini that was reported as the sneakiest star sign and those to be the highest in flirting. Aries scored third with impulsiveness and spontaneity.

The least likely cheats were those with star signs of Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio.

Not that this means partners with these star signs will or will not cheat, it simply provides a report on those most and least likely to cheat. It is interesting that the star signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries and Aquarius are regarded as the masculine signs and they are recognised as having a more outgoing personality and higher cheating incidents. The Lion star of Leo is regarded as loyal and Cancer is regarded as more emotionally stable, so they may also be safer signs for a partner to have.

While this study is interesting it by no means indicates these star signs are not able to live in a happy and committed relationship with their partner. The jury remains out on whether the star sign has a direct relationship to the personality of the person. Many people do believe it does and the sign you are born under has character and personality connections to that star sign.

For those seeking on-line dating partners, just as a caution, it may be wise to avoid the highest rated cheating star signs. The cheating website Victoria Milan, which is a site for cheaters to register on, also reports similar results to surveys that they have completed. Concerning yes, definitive no.

The important thing when commencing a relationship is to know the background of the person. Understand their values, morals, standards and what they feel about cheating. The question should also be asked, what is cheating exactly to each of you? When I ask this question to many couples the responses can be quite different for each person. One may say flirting, a coffee and conversation or an intimate discussion is also cheating, while the other partner may say no, it is only when you have sex with someone else. This needs to be discussed. It has nothing to do with who is right or wrong, it is a way to understand the values and views of your partner. Most couples agree that if they were doing something they didn’t want their partner to know about, they probably shouldn’t be doing it and therefore may constitute as a form of cheating.

The people registering on these sites are therefore likely to already be cheating, unless of course, their partner does know they are seeking out a third person for an affair.

Get to know your partner and their background. If they previously cheated, that is a red flag to beware.

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