Family Mediation is used to resolve living arrangements disputes for children after the Parents have decided to separate. Parenting Plans are drawn up so all parties have clear directives and information on where and when the children reside, who they spend time with, education issues, health issues, etc.Property settlements can also be arranged through Mediation. This way solicitors and courts are avoided, costs are kept down and disputes are resolved quickly to prevent any escalation of conflict that usually comes wth courts and solicitors.

Mediation is also affective in many workplace situations and calms an escalating problem so all parties can reach a new level of acceptance and understanding. Dr Karen is a registered Mediator with the Australian Attorney General’s Department.

Mediation is a fast, inexpensive and a non-conflictual way to resolve issues. Results are achieved without the expense and time of solicitors and court. Just contact Dr Karen to enquire about how you may be helped with Mediation.