What the Mind believes – the Body responds to… 

Dr Karen works with the subconscious mind to guide behaviour and thoughts where the client requires. Clients remains conscious and relaxed during hypnotherapy. Many people try to use will power to break or change a habit or behaviour, this simply does not work, at least not for more than a few days. Our subconscious guides – our minds, our thoughts, our behaviours and our bodies, every hour of every day. By changing our thoughts, we can learn new and different behaviours. Karen has just released a New and Innovative way for you to stop smoking or lose weight using her Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques. You do this in the comfort of your own home without having to wait or travel for an appointment. Your own personal session with Dr Karen. Virtual Hypnotherapy www.virtualhypnotherapy.com for Weight Loss and Stop Smoking. Have your own personal Hypnotherapy session in the comfort of your own home.

Video and audio sessions available from Virtual Hypnotherapy.

Dr Karen Phillip runs a busy Counselling Hypnotherapy private practice at the northern end of the beautiful Central Coast of NSW and works with Industry Leaders, individuals and many couples. Her specialty includes repairing couple relationships and issues with parenting. She understands how challenging it can be when work is so demanding and we are all so busy. Dr Karen Phillip is a recognised Life Mentor and Lifestyle Doctor. Karen has many high profile and celebrity clients. She understands how being in a highly demanding position and in the Media can place considerable pressures on the person and their family. She is not one of those academics who sit in an office and theorise, then writes about it. She is ‘hands on’ and understands the emotion and reality of being in a high profile position, having a family and being a partner or parent. “It can be very difficult at times to manage life, family, children and your own needs. If we can find a balance and understand how and why our partner, children and work colleagues tick, it can make our life and job so much easier”. Dr Karen assists her clients with these and many other personal issues.

People use Hypnotherapy

To lose weight, stop smoking, reduce anxiety, remove phobias, learn to sleep better, remove their past trauma and baggage and to dissolve that nasty habit or behaviour that no longer serves you well such s drinking, gambling and anger or to simply learn to relax and unwind.

All these sessions, plus more, are available with Dr Karen or via the Virtual Hynotherapy webiste