5 Tips to Connect, so He Responds

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Want to make sure he connects and responds to you?

You really like him, he may have noticed you, but has not been captivated by you, yet.

These are 5 ways to make sure he does notice you, becomes enchanted by you and desires to get to know you more. You can create his captivation by following these tips:

  1. Smile

A smile is a warm way of telling a perspective person you like what you see. It is an inviting way to grab their attention as you lock eyes so he responds. A smile is worth a thousand words.
 A smile can invite warmth, care, friendliness and consideration. A smile is inviting.

When we smile, we tell others we are feeling happy, content and are approachable.

  1. Say Hello and get that Eye Contact

The word ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ is recognised in most any language. It is said with a smile, a small head nod toward the person you are greeting as this opens up the opportunity to speak. The other important part here to remember is eye-contact. Imagine talking to someone who looks away or down. You immediately get the feeling of disconnect, they are not interested in you or the conversation. It is very off-putting and can be very uncomfortable.

Eye contact is vital to engage with another person to ensure they respond. It provides a connection and an invitation of interest. This added with a smile and a hello, sets up the situation to start a conversation where both will hopefully feel engaged and comfortable speaking.

  1. Use His Language

It is important to use his choice of words when speaking to him as it enables him to feel a connection with you into his world. By using his words, it shows you are relating to him to create a cohesive connection. It naturally makes him feel like you “get” him because you are speaking his language. And relationships are all about relating to the other person.

  1. Ask a Question

We love being asked questions about us. It demonstrates the other person is interested in us personally. Instead of asking the regular questions after we say hello ask something less common so it shows we have a real interest in the other person. Asking a question, a little more personal, is the key such as:

  • What is your profession?
  • How long you been doing that?
  • What made you enter into that career path?
  • What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
  • Do you live around here or are you visiting?

These questions come across with more interest in the actual person rather than the standard rehearsed questions we all ask. This allows the other person to feel you are really interested in them.

These are what we call Open-ended questions meaning the person needs to provide information so can’t provide a Yes or No response. Open-ended questions stimulate conversation.

  1. Find ‘Me Too’

We want to find a connection with the person we are engaging time and effort into with a conversation. We love to find a connection, a ‘Me Too’ moment. We hate wasting our time.

Finding a positive and adding a ‘Me Too’ will stimulate connection. You may ask about

  • A place you live or previously lived?
  • Somewhere you and they have visited?
  • A sport team you both follow or sport activity you both love or do?
  • Someone you both know?
  • Type of car you drive or bike you like to ride?
  • The type of animals you love?

It really doesn’t matter, we can find a ‘Me Too’ almost anywhere. It maybe you both have a sister or brother, grandparents are still active and alive, or you have a love of dogs. Generating a ‘Me Too’ allows for an instant connection, meaning you will be remembered by him and that is surely what you are after. This ‘Me Too’ moment can then lead to many other disclosures of self and life. Once we start to disclose personal information to another person we automatically feel a connection. Ever had that moment of ‘wow, I haven’t mentioned that to anyone before (or for so long)’. This is that ‘aha’ moment when rapport is felt and connection is made.

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